Vetiger contains Tiger Milk Mushroom, Malaysia’s national treasure, known for enhancing lung health, boosting energy, and strengthening immunity. It also has anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effects. Vetiger is a superfood, including spirulina, quinoa, and fruit and vegetable powders, providing comprehensive nutrition rich in proteins, minerals, and vitamins to support overall health.

20 sachets/box


West Malaysia

East Malaysia Express Delivery 
First Weight: RM15/kg, Additional Weight: RM13/kg 

East Malaysia Domestic Delivery 
First Weight: RM10/kg, Additional Weight: RM8/kg 

First Weight: RM30/kg, Additional Weight: RM15/kg


No Chemical

No Trans Fat

100% Natural

0% Cholesterol

No Refined Sugar

No Artificial Colours

No Preservatives

All About Tiger Milk Mushroom

Malaysia's national treasure with a history spanning over 400 years! Tiger Milk Mushroom possesses extremely high medicinal value

Lung rotection

Relieves asthma symptoms
Soothes coughing and wheezing
Improves respiratory health
Alleviates nasal sensitivity symptoms

Boosts Vitality

Enhances immune function
Boosts energy
Reduces fatigue
Refreshes and rejuvenates


Enhances resistance to tumors
Reduces chemotherapy side effects
Boosts patient vitality

Others Ingredients


Aids in improving cholesterol and blood pressure


Lowers LDL cholesterol, regulates blood pressure


Possesses anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects

Organic Oat

Helps lower blood pressure, blood sugar control

Organic Soy Bean

Relieves menopausal symptoms, antioxidant

Isolated Soy Protein

Benefits cellular health / reduces oxidative stress

Algae Calcium

Strong bones / teeth, supports muscle function

Vegetable and fruit extract

Prevents constipation, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory

Everyone Can Be Healthy, Everyone Can Consume

High Value with Unbeatable Price

Suitable for the crowd

Night owls
Cough/asthma sufferers
Individuals with nasal sensitivity
Frequent illnesses/low immunity
COVID-19 patients

Vetiger is Superfood

Comprehensive nutrition
Improve lung and bronchial health
Improve respiratory/nasal allergies
Boost immunity
Help in improving cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar

valuable medicinal mushroom traditionally

High content of Tiger Milk Mushroom 300mg

Research indicates that tiger milk mushroom contains various bioactive compounds, these compounds are thought to have immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties.

Studies suggest potential benefits in respiratory health, such as reducing symptoms of asthma and allergic reactions.

Facts About Superfood

Superfood refers to foods that are exceptionally nutrient-dense and beneficial for one's health.

Low Calories



High Nutritional