Plant Protein


Protein is essential for energy, cell, and tissue formation, including skin, hair, and muscles. Plant Protein provides high plant-based protein, with each serving containing 12 grams to help firm muscles and boost metabolism for all-day energy. Additionally, it includes Tremella extract to deeply nourish and hydrate the skin, making it soft and smooth.

20 sachets/box


West Malaysia

East Malaysia Express Delivery 
First Weight: RM15/kg, Additional Weight: RM13/kg 

East Malaysia Domestic Delivery 
First Weight: RM10/kg, Additional Weight: RM8/kg 

First Weight: RM30/kg, Additional Weight: RM15/kg


No Chemical

No Trans Fat

100% Natural

0% Cholesterol

No Refined Sugar

No Artificial Colours

No Preservatives

High Quality Protein Sources

Black Soy Protein

Rich in fiber, weight management

Isolated Soy Protein

Helps muscle growth and repair

Pea Protein

Reduce cardiovascular disease risk

Organic Soy Bean

Relieve menopausal symptoms


Aids in muscle growth and repair

Others Ingredients


Rich in antioxidants and promotes skin elasticity


Reduce the risk of eye diseases


Protects eye health by filtering harmful blue light

Algae Calcium

Strong bones / teeth, supports muscle function


Promote gut health, enhance immune function

Bamboo Salt

Benefits cellular health / reduces oxidative stress

Everyone Can Be Healthy, Everyone Can Consume

High Value with Unbeatable Price

Suitable for the crowd

Obesity/muscle sagging
People who love sports
office workers
People with weak constitution
Beauty group

High quality plant protein source

Zero cholesterol, low fat, heart protective
Lactose-free, low sugar, low calorie, suitable for weight management
Repair cells and enhance immunity
Strengthen muscles and strengthen bones

Power Plants: The Protein Revolution

Contains Tremella fuciformis extract to whiten and moisturize skin
Increase skin elasticity and prevent wrinkles
Contains lutein and zeaxanthin to protect eyes/vision
Contains Probiotics to improve digestive system

Facts About Animal Protein and Plant Protein

Nutritional Profiles and Health Impacts

Animal Protein

Plant Protein