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Cocoa Protein – Cocoa Protein merges the rich taste of dark cocoa with green coffee and L-Carnitine to boost metabolism and aid weight management, perfect for enhancing fitness goals.

Vetiger – Vetiger highlights Tiger Milk Mushroom, Malaysia’s treasure for lung protection and vitality, supporting respiratory health and boosting immunity.

Plant Protein – Plant Protein offers a plant-based formula with 12 grams of protein, vitamins, and probiotics for muscle health and wellness, ideal for vegetarians and those with dietary sensitivities.


West Malaysia

East Malaysia Express Delivery 
First Weight: RM15/kg, Additional Weight: RM13/kg 

East Malaysia Domestic Delivery 
First Weight: RM10/kg, Additional Weight: RM8/kg 

First Weight: RM30/kg, Additional Weight: RM15/kg


No Chemical

No Trans Fat

100% Natural

0% Cholesterol

No Refined Sugar

No Artificial Colours

No Preservatives