Amigo Liv-Tox


Amigo is a natural liver care supplement designed to support liver health. It features a blend of natural ingredients known for detoxifying and regenerating liver cells, and is ideal for those seeking to maintain or improve their liver health.


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No Trans Fat

No Chemical

100% Natural

0% Cholesterol

No Refined Sugar

No Preservatives

No Artificial Colours

The Liver

Liver is the largest metabolic organ in the human body


Eliminating toxins from the bloodstream,
including drugs and alcohol


Participating in food metabolism,
converting nutrients, and providing energy


Filtering pathogens from the bloodstream,
participating in the immune system

Main Ingredients


Clear toxins, Accelerate metabolism


Prevent vascular diseases, Promote liver detoxification function


Minimizing toxin buildup, Restores intestinal health

Hovenia Dulcis

Promote alcohol metabolism, Antioxidation

Suitable for the crowd

Night Owls
Liver Heat with Bad Breath
Impaired Liver Function
Sallow Complexion

A great helper for Liver Detoxification

Improve Liver Function:Promote the metabolism and detoxification function of liver cells.
Boost Immunity:Reduce inflammation responses in the liver and digestive system

Maintaining Liver Health on a Daily Basis

Antioxidant:Protect the liver from oxidative damage caused by free radicals
Alleviate Stomach Discomfort:Improve digestion and enhance nutrient absorption

Essentials for Drinking Alcohol

1 to 2 packets before drinking:Increase alcohol tolerance, aid in sobering up, enhance liver detoxification
1 to 2 packets after drinking:Rapid sobering up, detoxification, relief from discomfort

It's Not That You Have a Low Tolerance for Alcohol

It's That Your Liver Is Unhealthy

When liver function is poor, its ability to process alcohol decreases.

The liver is the main organ responsible for breaking down and clearing alcohol from the body. If liver health is compromised, it slows down the speed at which alcohol is metabolized, leading to a longer duration of alcohol in the bloodstream, thereby making a person feel intoxicated more easily.