Youme grain

Your preferred meal replacement

Eat healthy .The best prevention

Worth to maintain healt

Only RM2.87 per day,

To give you a healthy body


Why choose Youme Grains as your breakfast?


Convenient and time saving

​​​​​​​Youme grain only

[3 minutes] brewing is ready to drink

It is convenient for you to work outside and school kids.

Health can be very simple!

Take Care Your Whole Family Member Healthy

​​​​​​​Youme Grains contains [18 organic grains] +

Goat milk formula], rich in nutrients,

Let you stay healthy while you are busy!

Good to drink and healthy

When you drink Youmi Grain, you will feel [Rich Grain Scent]

Plus [Goat Milk Recipe], it will be smoother and more delicious!




Choosing Youme Grains
Enrich your stomach :)

The benefits of whole grains
​​​​​​​Whole grains are the favorite of people with health awareness because there are many benefits to our health. Eating whole grains not only helps to replenish nutrients needed, but it also can helps to prevent diseases and make our body healthy.
Thus please don’t underestimate the benefits of grains. Do you wnat to know more about the benefits of grains. Let’s take a look together.

Benafit Grains


Why choose goat milk formula?

Goat milk is a unique source of milk. According to the record
​​​​​​​of ‘Compendium of Materia Medica’, goat milk is non-stimulating and non-toxic food, beneficial to organs, improve gastrointestinal and lung function,, replenish body essence, nourish hair and skin.​​​​​​

Benefit Goats Milk

You can mix with other foods according to your preferance
Change your favorite flavour everyday





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#Youme Grains#

Your best breakfast

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