The core of a healthy breakfast


In addition to providing energy, many studies have also shown that breakfast to total energy intake ranged 30% of total daily energy needed. As the saying goes, eating breakfast is good for your health. When the human body goes through a night of sleep, it consumes a lot of water, nutrients and energy. At this time, a nutritious breakfast gives the body the nutrients needed, bringing us energy, vitality and health, and starting a new, happy and exciting day.

1. Hot Food

When the human body has gone through a night of sleep, muscles, nerves and blood vessels have not yet relaxed. If you take a cold diet at this time, it will affect circulation and cause poor blood flow. Long-term intake of cold food will not only cause poor appetite, hurt the stomach, but also damage your own immunity.

2. Low Calorie

Eating high-calorie foods for breakfast will burden the stomach and intestines. It is not only indigestible, but will also affect digestive function over time, leading to gastrointestinal diseases and obesity.

3. Multi Nutrient

The four elements of a nutritious breakfast come from cereal energy, protein nutrition, high-quality milk, and fruit and vegetable essence. As the saying goes, if you eat a good breakfast, you will be more energetic. A balanced breakfast will not only bring you energy, but also make you energetic throughout the day.