All About YOUMECO Brand

All About YOUMECO Brand

YOUMECO Brand Concept

Janice, the founder of Youme Co Wellness, is dedicated to turning her success in living a healthier lifestyle with her family and friends into her entrepreneurship life, in promoting GOOD HEALTH, GOOD LIFE, WITH GOOD PRODUCTS. For the past few years of experience in the healthcare industry, she has very strong-willed in introducing the public to healthier meal options for our daily life, which is Cereal Grains. With her in-depth knowledge about the benefits of cereal grains to the human body, she is more determined for a dynamic change from running her traditional business into the creation of her brand to let more people in understanding the benefits of cereal grains to our body.

Amid the hardship of a stressful life to balance between the family and working life, she was determined to put in extra efforts to maintain a healthier body and live a healthier lifestyle. She always believes in health as wealth, and therefore it leads to her later mission in making everyone live a “Rejuvenated Life” to help those who faced the same struggles in maintaining good health and well-being both physically and mentally. 

In August 2018, Janice founded her own company, YOU ME CO SDN BHD (YOUMECO herein) with her inspiration of conceptualization of her brand YOU ME CO as the robust business relationship to work as a team in attaining a cooperation relationship with all parties. She believed with her continuous cooperation relationship between the teams and the public, YOUMECO can inspire more people to maintain a healthy lifestyle and more families to pursue a lifelong learning process in building a better and healthier body together.

YOUMECO Vision & Mission

Brand Mission: To be our customer’s favourite healthier meal options

Brand Promise: To develop and supply premium quality products for the customer.

Our Values: Establish a cooperation relationship between You and Me in achieving “Good Health, Good Life, Good Product”.

YOUMECO Products

We understand that consumers always seek the premium quality of products in the markets. When it comes to health matters, people seem to become more health-conscious and highly aware of the ingredients of products before their consumption decision. In response to your concern, YOUMECO introduces a better and healthier meal option- Cereal Grains, a prestigious gift from heaven, and the most primitive basic food domesticated by primitive humans. 

Youme Grains is also a star product that contains rich nutrition made with the formula extracted from the wisdom of our great ancestors for thousands of years. Over the years, we continue to develop new product series and are dedicated to providing more product alternatives for our customers including Youme Grains, Olulu Nutri Drink, and Kimochi Fiber drink. Each of the product series is specialized in performing different health functions especially in enhancing body health performance, boost immunity system, and achieve the ultimate goal of preventing chronic diseases.

YOUME Grains- Your convenient meal replacement choice with nutrients of grains including protein, carbohydrate, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, dietary fiber, and other nutrients.

OLULU Nutri Drink- Black nourishment to nourish your liver and kidney, nourishing beauty, black beard, and black hair, and delaying aging. 

KIMOCHI Super Antioxidant Fiber Drink- Your daily essential detox drink for better digestion, clearer and brighter skin, anti-aging with the antioxidant formula. 

Awards & Recognition

YOUMECO Brand was awarded the title of Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand in the Asia Pacific Book of The Top in 2021. Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand Committee is the third-party international authoritative certification awarded to companies, brands, products, and leaders that achieved an excellent result. Our YOUMECO products are certified by the trusted authority and committee in Malaysia according to the elements of food safety, quality control management, and healthy food standards of products. (HACCP Certified, ISO: Quality Management and Food Safety Management, GMP, KMM, HALAL Certified, Health Promotion Brand and 100 % Vegetarian)

Why Youmeco products essential for everyone?

1. Minimal/ No preparation

 (Convenient and healthy meal options for people with busy working life, study life in their daily routine)

2. Changing to a healthier lifestyle 

(Foster healthy eating habits in the family by shifting unhealthy breakfast options with healthy grains for breakfast)

3. Low calories intake 

(Ensure a dietary meal contained will all nutrients needed in a single meal)

4. Nutrients of grains are rich and essential for our body

(Balance of healthy fats, proteins, carbohydrate needed in Youme Grains

5. Boost up the full body detox process

(Removes toxic byproducts, promote weight loss, and improve health with Kimochi Super Antioxidant Fibre Drink)

6. Additional nourishment for hair growth and skin

(Increase hair growth, helps to form an anti-aging skin, and strengthen up functions of your kidney and stronger bones with Olulu Nutri Drink)

YOUMECO Activities 

YOUMECO experienced a dynamic shift in the business environment from the early of traditional marketing to digital platforms in recent years. The booming of social media and online platforms allow better interaction with our customers in building a more beneficial and firm relationship. 

Today, YOUMECO has implemented Facebook as the main social media platform to advertise and promote products and services. Our social media activities on Facebook are focused on conducting online activities which including Product's Post, Live Streaming, Giveaway, DIY recipe with Youme Grain, New Product Launching, and Product Enquiry services. Our Facebook pages are designed in two language versions which are Youme Wellness优米 (in Chinese version) and Youme Wellness Global (in the English version). Instagram is the secondary online platform that we used to engage with our customers to ensures our customers can consistently update with new product information and tips to maintain a healthy diet. We also have two accounts available on Instagram social media platform that advertised our products with two languages versions including (in the English version) and youme_wellness (in Chinese version).

While we also developed our official website with two language versions available including Home | Youmeco Sdn. Bhd. (in the English version) and 首页| Youmeco Sdn. Bhd. (in Chinese version) to ensures all our customers with different languages background can easily understand our product’s details and company information.

Website, where all the information about YOUMECO products and company aspirations displayed in the multiple pages layout with user-friendly navigation provided to our visitors. It helps our customers to have a better understanding of what's YOUMECO all about and our products and services available. 

Our Partners

YOUMECO has collaborated with many household brands today in Malaysia to reward our loyal customers in continuing to show their supports for YOUMECO products. Our main partners are Color King, Glasslock, Midea, and Tupperware which specialized in offering kitchen products such as cooking pot, glass container, and electrical blender.

Over the years, YOUMECO has received many opportunities in collaborating with the local household brand to give more benefits to our customers. Today, female is still standing firm and remain as our largest target segment of the consumer in the wellness product’s market. Therefore, we are more determined to search for more qualified household brand partners to be our YOUMECO partners to make their house chores work effortless and more smoothly with our rewarding gift. We hope through this way we could show our appreciation for their sincere and loyal supports of our YOUMECO products over the years.

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