About Youmeco


Feeling physically and mentally exhausted from various rules and regulations set by the employers and the personnel issues faced, Janice, instead of continuing struggling in the comfort zone, she strengthened her soul and her heart, decided to venture courageously into entrepreneurship and started her own business.

'Remain true to the original aspiration and keep the mission firmly in mind. Determined to strive for greater success'
With her past many years of experiences in health care industry supported by further in-depth market analysis, and the strong will and mission to make everyone healthier, Janice founded YOU ME CO SDN BHD (YOUMECO herein) in August 2018.

Thereu's countless setback along the journey of changing from running a traditional business to the creation of own brand. However, Janice did not give herself up. Demonstrating her unshakeable will to remain true to the founding mission of the company, to keep pressing ahead, and to overcome all difficulties, and showing the firm determination to keep up her stride on the new long march and continue striving for new victories.

‘Because of you, I am a better me.’
YOUMECO is the combinations of three words which are YOU, ME and CO (Cooperate). It implies that a stable and robust business relationship with integrated resources is able to enrich and grow the whole team for a longer and further journey all together.

From the traditional sales and marketing methods in the past (door to door approach), to today's online business transactions and marketing of its own brand, today, through the convenience of the Internet, mobile apps, social medias etc, YOUMECO is able to deliver high quality house brand products to customers directly and more efficiently, achieve better services and better interaction with our valued business partners and customers. We integrate products into each other's lives and add values to our health.

‘Good Health, Good Life, Good Products’
To develop and supply premium quality product is one of the core values of YOUMECO. The Cereal grains, which is a prestigious gift from heaven, they were the most primitive basic food domesticated by primitive humans. Youme Grains, a star product that contains rich nutrition made with the formula extracted from the wisdom of our great ancestors for thousands of years is finally introduced.

Moving forward, in addition to continuing to produce more high-quality house brand products, YOUMECO will also present other products that are also made from natural ingredients at large and determined to become a centralized shopping platform for products that are healthy, high quality and affordable for the society. Anyone could become the ambassador of products sharing to bring health to people around us.

An Affordable Quality Breakfast
Breakfast is often called ‘the most important meal of the day’, and for good reasons. As the name suggests, breakfast breaks the overnight fasting period. It replenishes your supply of glucose to boost your energy levels and alertness, while also providing other essential nutrients required for good health. However, due to different factors, some people choose to ignore having breakfast regularly or prefer having a combination of breakfast and lunch together, and some like to take breakfast with higher calories which may lead to unbalance nutrient supplies to the body. Products of YOUMECO emerge to be the perfect solution for the problems described above. It simply need a cup of warm water and then we can enjoy a tasty great nutritious drink in two minutes. It is affordable and convenient as we save ample time to provide our health with better breakfast.