‘Black is the essence of Life.’

Black food refers to food with natural melanin such as black rice, rye, black beans, black fungus, black dates, black grapes and other black edible food. Regular consumption of these food could regulate our physiological functions, stimulate endocrine system and saliva secretion, remove free radicals, delay aging and a list of many more benefits.

Black beans are categorized as the main protein source for vegetarians. The amount of protein is equivalent to twice of the meat, three times of the eggs and twelve times of the milk. The calories of black beans are low and could inhibit the absorption of cholesterol by the body effectively. Furthermore, black beans contain anthocyanin which can improve eyesight, kidney functions, prolong longevity and maintain youthfulness of our skin.

Black rice is known as the king of rice. It was the precious ‘medicine rice ’ in 2000 years ago. It supplements all of the five internal organs which was used to serve the Highness of Chinese emperors. In addition, due to its rich minerals content, black rice is far more nutritious than ordinary rice.

Black sesame was the favorite food of the Empress Dowager Cixi of the Qing Dynasty. It is the perfect supplement for health and a beauty sacred product. Regular consumption of black sesame could improve the texture of our complexions to become smooth and soft. Regular consumption of black sesame could also help in weight control and body shaping. At the same time, it has a high level of vitamin E which allows antioxidants, promotes a better human reproductive system and strengthens the bones. Indeed, there are many other positive effects by consuming black sesame regularly.

The combination of black beans, black rice and black sesame is a nutritionally balanced and healthy meal replacement. It is an excellent source of premium quality protein and calcium for everyone especially suitable for people with busy hectic lifestyle in search for convenient healthy nutrition food. In short, The Black YOUME cereals is able to beautify our appearance, strengthen the kidney functions, promote longevity and blacken our hair. It could be described as a symbol of vitality of healthy lifestyle.