6 Signs of an Unhealthy Gut

6 Signs of an Unhealthy Gut

1. ConstipationC

Everyone has different bowel habits. It can be normal to defecate more than once a day or only once every two days. However, if the stool is hard and dry, bowel movement is painful and stools are difficult to pass, it is constipation.

2. Obesity

Many people are obese, not because they eat too much or too lazy to move, but because they have too little excretion, the body's metabolism is impaired, and toxins accumulate in the body, leading to fat accumulation.

3. Diarrhea/ Sensitive Stomach

Eating spicy food, tea, coffee or pressure can easily cause stomach pain, discomfort, bloating, manifested as acute or chronic diarrhea, continuous defecation with a sense of urgency, irregular stools, increased water content, and significantly increased defecation frequency.

4. Foul Smelling

Normal stool should have a sour smell, not a pungent stench; defecation stench is caused by toxins and low intestinal bacteria.

5. Fart Smells Bad

Fart is a toxic substance discharged from the body, so it is normal to have a bad smell, but if it smells bad when you fart, it means that there is a problem in the intestines, and harmful bacteria are produced, resulting in frequent fart.

6. Bad Breath

Breath out of the mouth gives off an unpleasant smell; and the skin is rough and dull. Toxins in the body cannot be eliminated in time and absorbed by the body, and various physical diseases will occur.