YOUMECO is You + Me + Co which is a concept of cooperation between you and me as a team.

We believe, that the more people joining our team, the more enrichment we will get.

And together we will achieve more and go further and longer in our journey.

Youme Grains
Your preferred meal replacement
Prevention is better than Cured. Eating healthy is the best prevention.
Only RM2.87 per day, Give you a healthier body

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The Best Choice for Your Health
Black foods are not only nutritious, they are high in antioxidants and have the unique effects of nourishing the kidney, anti-aging, health care, stimulate growth of black hair and longevity. Studies have ...

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Kimochi Fiber Drink
Kimochi is rich in fiber, and it is also uniquely add in digestive enzymes that enhance food digestion and absorption, high-antioxidant berries and bitter gourd peptide to help lower blood sugar level.

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