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Meet Jenny, Our Expert Nutritionist

Meet Jenny, our expert nutritionist at Youme Wellness, bringing extensive knowledge and expertise to our team.

Peptide - The Superman of Cells

Your body,  made up of countless cells, relies on these tiny units for health and function. However, when cells are damaged by injury, stress, or illness, it can lead to disease. Acting like Superman, small molecule peptides come to the rescue, repairing and activating cells to promote healing and restore cellular health.

A great helper for Liver Detoxification

For detoxifying and regenerating liver cells, and is ideal for those seeking to maintain or improve their liver health.

Malaysia's National Treasure Ingredient

Vetiger - Tiger Milk Mushroom

Vetiger, featuring the revered Tiger Milk Mushroom, is a holistic nutritional supplement deeply rooted in Malaysia’s heritage with over 400 years of history.

Ageless Beauty

Expert Collagen & Serum Formulas for Timeless Skin



Intensive Lifting Serum

Plant Protein


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Customer Testimonials Unveiled

Jxxx Doe
Jxxx Doe@chxxntxx.lim.3
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The goods have been received. The taste of the food is very fragrant, not sweet and delicious. It can be filling while also having a weight loss effect, making the body healthier. Will consider restocking after finishing it.
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I have repurchased it countless times. I really like the black Olulu. Once I saw that it contains ingredients for cooking 'three-black rice', it's fantastic👍. I really like the taste, the black sesame is very fragrant😄😄. 😋Satisfying 😋Low calorie 👍Strengthens kidney function.
Lee XXXX Ong
Lee XXXX Ong leexxxxongo
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"I was introduced to Youme's products by a friend, every product is delicious 🥰, suitable for the whole family to enjoy 👍👍👍
Elaine XXX
Elaine XXX elaine.xxx.5243817
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I searched for a long time for a good protein and tried many brands. Since encountering Youme wellness... I fell in love with its plant protein, delicious! I've also repurchased it many times. From protein, I discovered their other products are also great. A few days ago, they launched a new cocoa protein, I didn't think too much and placed an order right away, can't wait to try it 😋